O Lord Jesus, Lamb of God

O Lord Jesus, Lamb of God,
Bearing such a heavy load;
Pain and suffering was Your fate—
Anguish, ridicule and hate.

Crown of thorns and staff of spite,
Must you mock our Sovereign’s might?
Know you not whom Pilate brings?
Jesus Christ, the King of kings!

Road of sorrow, lead the way
To redeeming love today.
Let me see my Savior’s face;
Let me taste this gift of grace.

Tree of anguish, bear my sin;
Heart of Jesus, let me in.
O Lord, may Your wounds make whole
Body, spirit and my soul.

Cross of triumph lifted high;
Christ becomes the victory:
Priest and sacrifice today,
Washing all our guilt away.

R. Michael Cullinan

O LORD JESUS, LAMB OF GOD © 1996 Robert Cullinan
The co­py­right hold­er grants per­miss­ion to re­pro­duce these
lyr­ics, as long as this no­tice re­mains with each co­py.

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