O God of Loveliness, Hymns

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O God of loveliness, O Lord of Heav’n above
How worthy to posses My heart’s devoted love!
So sweet Thy Countenance, So gracious to behold,
That one, one only glance To me were bliss untold.

Thou art blest Three in One, Yet undivided still;
Thou art that One alone Whose love my heart can fill.
The heav’ns and earth below, Were fashioned by Thy Word;
How amiable art Thou, My ever dearest Lord!

To think Thou art my God, O thought forever blest!
My heart has overflowed With joy within my breast.
My soul so full of bliss Is plunged as in a sea,
Deep in the sweet abyss of holy charity.

O loveliness supreme, And Beauty infinite;
O everflowing Stream, And Ocean of delight;
O life by which I live, My truest life above,
To Thee alone I give My undivided love.

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